About Us

Customers enjoy collaboration with the team in the workshop during the building of their boats.


The Jet Boat Base – owned and operated by Bruce Norris – saw its humble beginnings in 1998 in a small shed in Hornby.

Today its busy workshop is located at Chaneys Corner in Belfast, Christchurch, close to the Waimakariri River.

The workshop’s 9 highly skilled staff include 7 tradesmen who all operate their own jet boats and share your passion for recreational jet boating.

Jet Boat Base has over 20 years of servicing the industry in New Zealand.

Rapid Runner red

“It’s about the lifestyle.”

Rapid Runner picnic

Jet Boat Base customers value a lifestyle beyond the ordinary. They talk of exploring beautiful places, accessing unknown territory, family adventures, and the camaraderie of thrill seeking friends.