Coast Craft 560

The Coast Craft will take you anywhere with ease. Take it up rivers, over bars, out to sea, no problem — it handles beautifully. This is the ultimate sea-going boat with jet propulsion.

Coast Craft 560 Overview

What’s so great?

  • Handling — it steers straight and smooth with no unpredictability
  • In rough conditions it pierces swells with no sign of broaching in following seas
  • Stability in choppy seas makes it a great fishing or diving platform
  • Launch in shallow waters or off the beach
  • Get on and off with ease
  • The whole stern is a full Portofino boarding platform
  • Space — this boat has room for families or fishing groups and all the gear needed for a great day
  • Toe space — a unique feature allows you to stand comfortably at the sides
  • Great fun for families, while also being a good rugged functional fishing boat

“The Coast Craft 560 was entirely predictable and turned without murmur, as hard as the helmsman dared.”

“A seriously impressive boat to drive.

“Handling in a following sea was nicely predictable, without any tendency to broach. We pushed the boat hard, both into and before the swells, and it delivered a dry and safe ride.”