Escalating fuel prices have created much greater awareness of the need for cost-effective, lightweight marine engines which are both economical and have a high specific power output.

The trend towards smaller agile boats, which are suited to shallow braided rivers also demands an engine + jet combination with instantaneous throttle response. As well as being super responsive, Ecotec engines incorporate dual balance shafts which results in smoothness comparable with V8s.

Demand for our Ecotec family of marine engines has been rapidly increasing, in particular from the jet boating regions of NZ, Canada and the USA. Jet Boat Base now assembles 190 hp Ecotec Marine 2.4 L and 252 hp supercharged 2.2 L engine packages at its well-equipped workshop facility in Christchurch, New Zealand. Services include: turnkey engines, complete boat packages, retrofitting, and repairs.

We have a full range of marinising equipment for the Ecotec motors.

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