Marinising Components


Marine Manifold


  • High quality aluminium casting with uniform wall thickness.
  • Compact free flowing design to minimise back pressure.
  • Riser with cast-in baffle to prevent ‘hot spot’ at low water flow rates (idle).
  • Black powder coat finish and neoprene rubber 90 to 75mm outlet reducer.


Heat Exchanger Kit


  • Two pass design for optimum efficiency
  • Recovery tank which eliminates loss of coolant during normal operation.
  • Materials – copper & copper alloy with anode protection(replaceable zinc anode).
  • Large diameter tubes (52 x 9.5mm) which minimises blockage
  • Black powder coat finish with nickel plated, removable end caps.


Engine Mount Kit


  • Alloy gearbox housing (SAE bolt pattern).
  • Billet alloy front mount.
  • Adjustable isolating bearer mounts.
  • 316 stainless steel retaining bolts.



Wiring Harness


  • Custom built and simple to fit to engine
  • Teflon coated aerospace (milspec) wire
  • Screened cable from crank angle & knock sensors
  • Twisted wire manufacture to eliminate interference
  • Utilises all Ecotec OEM sensors
  • Waterproof connectors fitted throughout
  • Protected against reverse polarity
  • Circuit breaker loom protection


Ecotec ECM

The dedicated Ecotec ECM is housed in a robust extruded aluminium waterproof enclosure and incorporates a 35 pin, fully sealed connector.

A high speed state of the art digital microprocessor is utilised, which expands the range of potential applications from a standard tune engine through to a full-house race engine.

Incremental adjustment and interpolation of set points enables tuning of the Ecotec engine to meet current engine emissions standards world wide.


  • User defined fuel & ignition tables
  • TPS and-or MAP control
  • Air density compensation
  • Idle speed control
  • Knock control with incremental sensitivity adjustment
  • Acceleration fuel calibration table
  • Closed loop Lambda (selectable)
  • Fuel & ignition trims in fine increments
  • Outputs for 4 additional injectors
  • Boost or waste-gate control for supercharged applications
  • Auxiliary output drivers
  • Data acquisition
  • Configurable fuel usage output
  • Security coding feature to prevent tampering
  • Engine sensor diagnostics
  • Dynamometer generated default program(std. Ecotec 2.2, Supercharged Ecotec 2.2 & VVT 2.4 Ecotec)
  • Accessible & configurable via a remote tuning devise