Rapid Runner

Opening up a world of outdoor possibilities that bring family and friends together.

Rapid Runner Overview

Design Features

The hull is specially designed to give soft riding characteristics in choppy conditions, yet still retain the ability to skim through very shallow braids. The boat is agile and easy to drive with predictable and precise handling characteristics.

The wide chines in the forward section throw the spray well clear of the boat, and the moderate kick down angle in the aft chine section assists the hull to hold on in tight turns.

The large hatch in the front deck and sealed front bulkhead provides easy access and a dry storage area for day and chilly bags, as well a large amount of buoyancy should the hull ever become flooded. It also provides additional strength to the front section of the hull.

The step in the dash allows easy movement in and out of the boat. Hull sides and deck are fully welded to a box-section gunnel that’s much stronger than the commonly used pop-rivetted flange system.

Fit Out

Rapid Runner hulls are exclusively available from the Jet Boat Base, where all fit out work for turnkey or part boats is carried out.


All models are equally suited to conventional jet units such as the Hamilton or Scott unit (typically powered with a V6 or V8 engine), or the Mercury Sport Jet which has several models available from 200 to 250 hp.

Rapid Runner

“It’s reassuring to know he handling capabilities of the boat surpass the limits that most operators are likely to encounter.”

Popular turnkey packages include:

  • Marine power or Kodiak 6.2 direct injected (L87) coupled with your choice of Scott, Southern Jet or Hamilton jet units
  • Marine power or Kodiak 5.3 direct injected (L83) coupled with your choice of jet unit
  • Chev LS3 V8 coupled with your choice of jet unit
  • Chev LS1 coupled with a Flo Pro 3 stage jet unit
  • Ecotec 4 cylinder or other V6 coupled with a Flo Pro 2 stage jet unit
  • Other combinations available

Transplanting from existing boat is also an option.


Larger models and tour boats on request.

RR 460
The original. Ideal for all-round boating.

RR 460 Wide Body
Has less deadrise and is 7 5mm wider. Exceptional for load carrying and shallow water boating.

RR 440
More compact version, giving extra-lively performance. Ideal for adventure boating.

RR 420
Our smallest boat with lower sides and lighter construction. Ideal for hunting and fishing, and suits the Ecotec engine or a V6.

RR 440S
Extended keel, modified shape, widened hull, modified chine, lowered sides and sleeker screen.

Hull Design

The smoothest ride for effortless comfort in the extreme. The Rapid Runner hull design offers:

  • Stability
  • Comfort
  • Strength
  • Handling
  • Safety

Jet Unit

This is what propels the boat along. It should be appropriate for your boating needs and kept in good working condition.

Jet boat Base is independent from all jet unit manufacturers. We have long-term and quality relationships with all suppliers, so we are able to offer the ultimate engine + jet unit combination to suit individual needs such as cost, weight, durability or simplicity. Some jet units offer the ability to close-couple to the engine. This enables the engine to be mounted further back in the boat, providing additional cockpit space. Some manufacturers offer trimmable steering nozzles which allow the attitude of the boat to be trimmed for differing conditions.

All Rapid Runners are suited to conventional jet units such as Hamilton, Scott, Southern and Flo Pro. These can be coupled to a range of power plants from 4 to 8 cylinders. Also the 200 hp Mercury Sport Jet is a very lightweight and compact option.

Engine Options

Your engine choice will be dependent on the specific needs or requirements of your boat. Once this is determined we will be able to narrow down which engine options are best suited.

If you are looking for a smaller lightweight fuel-efficient package, then a 4 or 6 cylinder engine may be a good option. If you have a large family, need lots of room, plan on water sports or just like to go fast, then a larger V8 may be a better fit.

Options include the Ecotec 4 cylinder, naturally aspirated and supercharged range, through to the tried and proven LS family of engines. The all-new Chev direct injected V8 range is the latest offering for improved torque and fuel economy. Second hand V6 and V8 engines are also cost-effective options.

Rapid Runner

Superb handling and soft riding. Ideal for family, fun or adventure. All alloy construction for durability and light weight.


5 mm and 10 mm 5083 hi tensile marine grade alloy

3 mm and 2.5 mm 5083 and 5052 marine grade alloy

4 mm 5083

Bisalloy Option
6 mm Bisalloy centre bottom plus 5 mm 5083 complete bottom

460 wide
440 S
Beam at gunnel
1.880 m
1.900 m
1.880 m
1.900 m
1.900 m
Beam at chine
1.600 m
1.680 m
1.580 m
1.600 m
1.600 m
Cockpit width (approx)
1.555 m
1.560 m
1.555 m
1.540 m
1.540 m
Cockpit length
2.900 m
2.900 m
2.750 m
2.800 m
2.600 m
Deadrise at transom (variable)