Rapid Runner 460 – The most popular model, superb handling and soft riding.Ideal for family fun or adventure.


Rapid Runner 460 Wide – Body Similar to the standard 460, but a wider hull with less deadrise. Exceptional load carrying and shallow water ability.


Rapid Runner 440 – Essentially a compact version of the standard 460, Extra Lively performance and ideal adventure boat.


Construction – All Models:


5mm and 10mm 5083 Hi tensile marine grade alloy


3mm and 2.5mm 5083 and 5052 marine grade alloy


4mm 5083

Bisalloy Option

6mm Bis alloy centre bottom plus 5mm 5083 complete bottom

*Specifications 460 460 wide body 440
Hull Length 4.650m 4.650m 4.450m
Beam at Gunnel 1.810m 1.920m 1.840m
Beam at chine 1.550m 1.630m 1.550m
Cockpit width (approx) 1.540m 1.620m 1.540m
Transform to dash length 2.900m 2.850m 2.660m
Deadrise at transom 16° 15° 16°
Weight (bare hull) 235kg 240kg 225kg

* Subject to change without notice