Rapid Runner boats are available as a basic hull deck and screen option, partially fitted out to any stage, or as a complete turnkey package. Three standard models are available: 460, 460 Wide body and 440. Other sizes are available on request.

Standard Features Include An all alloy windscreen with cut out hand holds or separate handrail. Bottom centre bow sections are doubled for extra strength. Full length alloy side shelves are standard. Rear deck hatch and drain bung are also included with the hull. Front hatch and sealed bulkhead.

Optional Features include step in dash, Bisalloy bottom plate for
extra strength, chine doubling strip.


Quality Assurance

A documented system is in place in which the details of the materials used and all weld settings during the production of the hull are recorded. These are retained on file with the serial number of the hull. All welders certified to BS 4872 standard.